Points of Agreement

Points of Agreement for Block The Boat action

  • Open the port in Gaza.
  • End the genocide, siege and occupation & ethnic cleansing.
  • This is part of a global movement for solidarity with Palestine, and in response to the call for boycott, divestment, and sanctions to end the occupation.
  • This is part of a local legacy of struggle against injustice, oppression and apartheid
  • We are in solidarity with workers rights, and community activists.
  • Criticism of Israel is not the same as anti-Semitism. We are opposed to anti-semitism, racism, bigotry of any kind, and oppression in all its forms.
  • Our goal is to stay free and safe to continue in solidarity with Palestine and to block the boat. (i.e. prevent the boat from unloading its cargo)

We also discussed and agreed that:

  • This action will include people who are risking arrest.
  • The participants in this action recognize there are people with different levels of risk—e.g. immigrants –so there is also a place with less risk, and we will be protesting the boat on public sidewalks.

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