Block the Boat Monday 10/27 in Seattle

Block the Boat NW continues with a demand letter delivery to Zim offices
as part of coordinated West Coast and national events targeting Zim


3pm – Gather at Spokane St. Fishing Area (on the Spokane St. Bridge above the Duwamish Waterway, between Klickitat AVE SW And W Marginal Way SW).


3:30pm – March to Zim Office, Harbor Marine Corporate Center(1011 SW Klickitat Way #209, Seattle, WA 98134).


4-6pm Rally, demand delivery & leafleting


BtBNW directions to term 18 Spokane Street fishing area

How to get to term 18 via meeting at the Spokane Street fishing area, of which the offices of Zim and SSA are just down the way west of.

Spokane Street fishing area is immediately east of SSA Marine term 18
1050 SW Spokane St.
Seattle, WA 98134

Spokane Street fishing area, just east of the Spokane St. Bridge, SW Spokane St, under the West Seattle bridge. The 21 & 21 Exp goes to 1st & Spokane, and 125 bus also goes from downtown and from West Seattle; all stop west of there in West Seattle, at Chelan Ave SW and SW Spokane St. and can walk back east along the Alki bike path. Drivers can find parking in these areas and walk over.

There is a convenient dirt parking strip median on the road west of SSA near the front of the Zim office park, fits 20 cars, and there are several parking spaces at the fishing spot. It is discouraged to park by Spokane & Alaskan Way.


We Vow To Disrupt & Inflict Economic Damage on Zim Shipping


Let’s keep up the pressure on Israel to end its occupation and colonization of Palestinian lands and its attacks on the Palestinian people!


Less than a week following Operation Protective Edge, which took 2,168 Palestinian lives, wounded 11,000, flattened entire neighborhoods, and displaced more than half a million residents – nearly 1/3 of the entire population – Israel announced that it would be annexing 1000 acres that belong to Palestinians in the West Bank, an act amounting to another declaration of War.[1]


According to the UN, 69% of those killed during the barbaric assault were civilians.[2] Six UN-run schools acting as civilian shelters were hit seven times by Israel, despite the UN actively communicating the coordinates of the schools to Israel and Israel’s obligation under humanitarian law to evacuate civilians.[3]


As Palestinians struggle to rebuild yet again and to bring water, medicine, and food to survivors in Gaza, and as Palestinians continue to resist illegal Israeli colonization, let’s show Palestinians that the Pacific Northwest is continuing to Boycott, Divest & Sanction Israel in solidarity with Palestinian demands for justice and freedom.


Zim Integrated Shipping LLC: Not welcome in our ports!Israeli shipping company Zim Integrated Shipping is controlled by the Israel Corp and the Ofer Brothers Group, two extremely powerful entities in Israel. We are sending a clear message to Zim that they are not welcome here in the Pacific Northwest unless they do everything within their power to support Palestinian demands for freedom and equality.The international Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement emerged from the call for international solidarity with the Palestinians in their struggle against genocide, siege, and land theft. The Block The Boatcampaign is being organized all throughout North America as one facet of the BDS Movement. We intend to continue to hurt Zim’s profits, as we join the fight to disrupt business-as-usual for Israel.

Twitter: @BlockTheBoatNW

[2] “Occupied Palestinian Territory: Gaza Emergency”(PDF). 4 September 2014. Retrieved 4 September 2014.


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