Location set for Sunday’s debrief & strategy session @3p: the lawn at Seattle Central Community College

Hi everyone, it’s time to have a group discussion of the Block the Boat actions and to strategize the next steps now that we don’t have a looming deadline hanging over our heads. Let’s meet this Sunday at 3pm.

We will meet outside Seattle Central Community College (on the northwest corner of the intersection of Broadway and Pine)  – on the southwest corner of the lawn there along Pine west of the sculpture.

Some questions to consider ahead of time:

  • what about the actions was successful, and what could be improved?
  • What are some specific examples of missed opportunities, and what could be done better the next time?
  • What did we learn?
  • What type of commitment or contribution might you or your group be willing to make to future ship blockade actions, and what would you need to do it?

Hope to see you there!

One thought on “Location set for Sunday’s debrief & strategy session @3p: the lawn at Seattle Central Community College

  1. Hello friends,
    I live in Port Townsend and came over for the blockade in Seattle. I won’t be able to come to the meeting, but I would like to leave a few comments. I appreciate everybody coming out and working to stop the Zim line. It’s very important that we keep up this effort. Perhaps you folks were working hard on the Tacoma blockade too, but I had to choose one, so I came to Seattle.I feel that we need a lot more work to make this effort worthwhile. We need far better relations with the ILWU over the long term. My friend Bob Barnes is a lifelong labor activist and very sympathetic to our goals and he would be willing to foster conversations. I know he opposed the blockade and favored a long term strategy, which I disagree with, but nonetheless, we need to talk with the ILWU and do it with some real concern for their situation, whatever it is. Without that, the Oakland blockade would have been impossible, and former blockades of South African apartheid boats would not have worked. Perhaps we need some educational fora on the Middle East with the ILWU. That would be wise with or without the Zim actions. Outreach to other solidarity groups, churches, etc would be important too.

    We also need maps of the waterfront and the various terminals so we can figure out how best to mount blockades in the future. We need to find some way to greet people who gather to support the blockade, inform of them of the strategy and tactics, further meetings, and far better planning about to engage people in various ways at the site. The lack of organization out there was apparent and needs to be addressed, although I realize this all happened very quickly. There is a need to pull in far larger crowds by outreach to other kinds of organizations in Seattle and to plug them into effective tactical action at the site as soon as they arrive, so we don’t waste the people power and their presence there.

    I have a long history of direct action and civil disobedience experience as an organizer and have just moved back to the northwest from the SF Bay Area. I was involved with Palestine Solidarity Cmte, the Intl Solidarity Movement, have been to Palestine five times, and was involved in this work in Seattle from 1984 through 1992. I was also involved in Occupy Oakland and Occupy San Fran in 2011. I will come for more blockades and all day events, but cannot afford to come to brief meetings. I wish you all the best in planning more actions and look forward to meeting you again…thanks for your work and inviting comments…

    Rich Wood
    1030 Fairmount Road
    Port Townsend, WA 98368
    Email: noisyfrog58@gmail.com


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