TIME CHANGE FOR BLOCKADE (current as of 4:45pm Fri)

Zim Chicago is scheduled to be unloaded at 8am Saturday morning. Plan for 6:30am picket and blockade. Seattle & Olympia carpools meet at 5:30 am.  (Seattle from 6th & Cherry; Olympia outside Grocery Outlet on Harrison & Division).  Shuttles will be available (see details below).

ALSO: it appears possible that, since the ZIM ship might arrive any moment now, it will be sitting in harbor.  If some OTHER ships are done unloading early on earlier work-shifts (6pm, 3am), it is possible that longshore workers would be transferred over inside the terminal to start working on the ZIM ship.  We have no way of knowing if this will happen, and so far our team has decided that we are not in a good position to blockade longshore workers from going in when they have not even been called to work on a ZIM ship. Instead, we will have smaller numbers of people leafletting the workers about the ZIM ship as they enter the terminal, 5-6pm tonight, 2-3am Saturday morning.
You’re welcome to join these leafletting times if you can, especially that 2-3am time.  And we are hoping for our largest numbers to arrive on Saturday morning for the blockade.
Keep staying tuned; things keep changing.

Volunteer shuttles from Tacoma Dome

Pick up spot:
Corner of Puyallup and G street, Tacoma
1) express bus will drop you off at Puyallup Ave (aka 24th) just after G street
2) walk back onto G street
3) Cross G street
4) There is a parking lot at the corner. Shuttle will be there.
**If you need a shuttle once you arrive in Tacoma call 206.259.0354.**

Drop off spot:
Thorne and Maxwell, Tacoma

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